Coins: the player earns coins with every activity logged in the app;
Badges: there are 3 possible ways to earn badges:

   i.Good frequency and regularity of blood sugar measurements;

   ii.Collecting coins;

   iii.Battles against other players;

Follow: every player can choose three other players to follow and can be followed by up to 32 players. Every time a player logs a blood sugar levels, all of the followers also get extra coins, so the best strategy is to follow someone with a good frequency and regularity of measurements;
Level: the players progress trough the levels according to how many coins are accumulated in total;
Ranking: the top players are the ones with best frequency and regularity of measurements;



Win battles and earn badges.


3.Step by step - the game:

At the Home screen, the player can input blood glucose levels, medication dosages, carbohydrates intake and type of exercise made. Each one of these activities renders coins in different amounts and increases the players’ power.

On the radar, the player can spot up to 10 different players (white dots) and clicking on one of them, the following information is available:

   - Name;
   - Level
   - Badges.

From these factors, the player can choose between following, battling or dropping off.

To attract followers, the player has to be up to date with glucose measurements. The more followers a player get, the more coins and power he/she will get with an input.

To battle against someone, the player has to pay 20 virtual coins. The battle starts and the most powerful player wins. Then, the user can earn a badge or become closer to win a new badge.

If the challenger loses, 20 virtual coins will also be deducted from the total amount.

At the corner, the Refresh button shows new competitors on the radar.



The user can visualize a 5-day logbook with all activities logged during that timeframe and can also view a graph with glucose inputs from the previous day.



Rules of the Game